Madonnas of Europe: A Spiritual Journey

Sacred Images of Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna

Video of Madonnas of Europe

 My 30-minute video, was taken in the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, California, where I had an Exhibition in December of 1998 through March of 1999.

I invite you to watch if you would like more information about each Madonna and my Spiritual Journey.

The Journey of the Madonnas

Through these photographs, my intention is to share the many unique and sacred faces of the Madonna an important part of our collective history. The photographs in this exhibition were taken during the years of 1991 through 1995 in Europe, while I was living in London.

I had been asked to do the photography for a book, the Black Madonnas ofEurope. After the first year, the editor recognized that I was on a spiritual journey. She encouraged me to continue photographing all Madonnas that interested me, not only the Black Madonnas. She gave me a letter of endorsement, which helped open many doors.